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Test Tips for Students – 7 Proven Strategies

Ever freeze up during a test?

Well, don’t worry. It happens to a lot us.

You see, test stress can cause students to panic and forget how to answer simple questions. And the more a student panics, the more he or she will forget.

So here are 7 proven techniques to help you reduce stress and perform better on your next test:

1. Get to class early.
Don’t cause more stress for yourself by getting to class late. The best you can do is to arrive early — get your pens/pencils out — and try to relax at your desk taking deep breaths.

2. Think positively.
If you’ve studied your best, you should think positively. Tell yourself that you know the information and that you expect to do very well on the test.

3. Don’t talk to other students.
I know it’s tempting to talk with other students before a test, but that’s the worst thing you could do. You see, you could think you’re prepared for the test, but then you hear a friend ask a question you don’t know the answer to. All of a sudden panic sets in – and your confidence drops. It’s best to ignore the talking of people around you and go into the test feeling confident that you’ve studied your best.

4. Watch for qualifiers.
On true or false tests, answers that contain words like “always” or “never” are often false because things rarely happen always or never. However, questions that contain words like “seldom” or “frequently” are usually true.

5. Narrow your choices on multiple choice questions.
When you’re looking at a multiple choice question, think of each answer as a true or false question. Cross out anything that is obviously wrong. Even if you don’t know the answer, you can eliminate answers and make an educated guess.

6. Answer all the easy questions first.
One way to boost your confidence and reduce stress during a test is to answer all the easy questions first. Skim through the test and answer everything that can be answered in a minute or less. Skip everything else. You’l boost your confidence level by knowing you’re getting a perfect grade on everything you’ve answered so far. The second time you skim through the test, answer everything that takes less than 2 minutes to answer. The third time you skim through the test finish up answering all the questions.

7. Never turn your test in first.
Never be the first one to turn in your test. Make it a goal to double check all your answers — especially if it’s a multiple choice. It’s easy to make a simple mistake by marking the wrong bubble on a scantron.

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