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Prepare to be a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician at Everest College in Sudbury

Medical Laboratory AssistantWhen visiting a medical laboratory to get your bloodwork or urinalysis done, have you ever wondered who processes your samples and makes sure the accurate results are delivered to the right patients?

This critical role in the Healthcare field is carried out by Medical Laboratory Assistants. Also called Medical Laboratory Technicians, they work in tandem with biomedical scientists to prepare and sometimes process samples for analysis. It is a challenging, disciplined and rewarding career for men and women who enjoy precision work in a field dedicated to improving overall quality of life for the public.

Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician Education at Everest College

You can now learn to be a professional Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician at Everest College of Business, Technology and Health Care. Everest’s Sudbury campus offers a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician educational program that can be completed in as a little as nine months. The intensive program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience you need to qualify for entry-level positions in:

  • Private diagnostic testing laboratories
  • Public health laboratories (including Blood Services)
  • Hospital laboratories or outpatient departments
  • Quality control laboratories (food industry, microbiology media, point of care testing)
  • Veterinary laboratories
  • Physicians’ offices and clinics

An Introduction to the World of Health Care

The courses you will take in your Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician education provide an excellent introduction to the health care field in general, a background that could prove valuable in any health care-related occupation. These courses include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Hematology
  • Cardiovascular System and ECG
  • Interpersonal and Workplace Skills for Health Care Professionals
  • CPR and First Aid

These are in addition to such career-specific courses as:

  • Introduction to the Clinical Laboratory
  • Laboratory Safety and Asepsis
  • Quality Assurance and Laboratory Mathematics
  • Urinalysis and Clinical Chemistry
  • Laboratory Microbiology

Upon graduation, Everest students can take advantage of the school’s Career Services department. There, specialists can help you with resume preparation, rehearsing interviewing techniques and, most important of all, identifying and contacting employers in your area.

Contact Everest College

For more information on the Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician career education program at Everest College in Sudbury, Ontario (P3C 1R8), contact Everest College today!

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